About us

About us

Headway Humber is a collaboration between four local branches of the national charity Headway UK, and we are dedicated to supporting life after brain injury. 

You can find out more about each branch here:

Hull & East Riding | Yorkshire East Coast | North Lincs | North East Lincs

Each branch is run by a small but dedicated group of volunteers who have been touched by brain injury in a variety of ways, whether as a survivor or a family member, or working as a professional.

The difficulties a brain injury can cause may not be obvious to other people. Because of this it is often referred to as a hidden disability. It can change the life of the person with the brain injury and those around them.

Together, we offer support and services to survivors of brain injury, their families and carers. We run a number of social events and trips throughout the year, and provide a wide range of information about life after brain injury.

We aim to raise awareness of brain injury both to prevent them, and to promote understanding when they occur. We appear on local press and radio, and we roll out national Headway UK campaigns and news at a local level.

We also engage with local stakeholders, including hospitals and commissioners to help improve services. We sit on a number of special interest groups to represent brain injury, and offer training days. We regularly support research undertaken nationally and at the University of Hull, and engage with local trainee psychologists to engage the next generation of clinicians.

Headway UK

Established in 1979, Headway UK provides information through its publications, website and Helpline. More than half of all calls to the Helpline are from people directly affected by brain injury, often because they have nowhere else to turn.

The charity also lobbies for better support and resources to be made available to people affected by brain injury and works to raise awareness of brain injury and the devastating effects it can have.

Headway is based in Nottingham, with a small and dedicated team of staff helping to support national services as well as all groups and branches.

Headway services

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