Headway Factsheets & eBooklets

28 Feb , 2018 All areas,Headway,Information

Headway UK provides a huge number of award-winning factsheets and booklets about brain injury. They cover many of the symptoms and practical issues related to brain injury. You can access the Headway UK information library here.

People with a brain injury and their family members can order free printed copies of our booklets and factsheets through the Headway helpline.

Examples of the topics covered include:

  • What is brain injury
  • Types of brain injury, such as:
    • Carbon monoxide poisoning
    • Hypoxic brain injury
    • Concussion
    • Minor head injury
  • Hospital treatment and rehabilitation
  • Effects of brain injury, such as problems with:
    • Balance and dizziness
    • Memory
    • Concentration and attention
    • Mobility and paralysis
    • Depression
    • Fatigue
    • Behaviour
    • Anger
    • Epilepsy
    • Communication problems
    • Executive problems (such as planning and organisation)
  • Employment and education
  • Relationships
  • Legal issues, such as:
    • Bringing a claim for compensation
    • Claiming on insurance policies
    • Mental capacity and decision-making
  • Welfare benefits
  • Holidays
  • Driving after brain injury