Each branch aims to provide services and support to meet the needs and expectations of Headway members, their family and carers in a professional and respectful manner.

To make sure that we are doing our job well, we would like to hear from you about these services. We would value your feedback and suggestions. It is through your experience and the feedback you provide to us that we can address any issues that may have given you cause for dissatisfaction.

We want to ensure that we:
• Make commenting on our service is as easy as possible
• Treat your comments seriously and in confidence
• Respond to your complaint promptly and professionally
• Issue a clear written response to every formal complaint
• Offer information, explanations or an apology as appropriate
• Learn from comments or complaints and use feedback to improve our services

Anyone who has a concern or complaint relating to a branch service should make this known to a volunteer. This can be face to face, on the telephone or by completing a ‘Comments, Compliments and Complaint Form’. You can also contact the branch concerned using the link below.

Volunteers will try to resolve your concerns straight away, however, if you are not satisfied with this or further investigation is required, matters will be forwarded to the Management Committee of the relevant branch.

We also welcome comments relating to aspects of our service that you think we do particularly well. Please complete a ‘Comment, Compliment and Complaint Form’ and hand this to a volunteer or return to the branch Secretary.  You can also contact us through the link below. We may ask for your permission to publish your positive comments in our literature or on our website.

Make contact with your local branch