Meet Debbie Morgan

20 May , 2020 News

Debbie Morgan

Debbie is the newest Headway Hull and East Riding committee member but has been involved with the group for some time.

Debbie is a former psychology student and spent her time researching memory with a view to helping people on qualification. Debbie graduated in 2009 and began working with charity as a counsellor assisting those who had suffered life changing trauma.

It was during this role that Debbie first heard of Headway. She was given some leaflets and information about the charity before she began attending our meetings.

About Debbie

In 2017 Debbie learned that she had suffered significant head injury that she could not remember. Over time she realised it was her head injury that was to blame for some of her own difficulties particularly with memory, organising and planning. Debbie struggled to come to terms with this news and reached out to Headway for help and support.

She describes being on the telephone for about 2 hours discussing a range of issues and when she came off she felt as though a big weight had been lifted. From then on Debbie decided to volunteer for Headway and use all of her training and personal experience to help others.

Debbie Says

“Headway were amazing.

I felt accepted from when I first walked through the door. This is a very difficult first step for most people and Headway made it easier.

Although I have experienced two severe traumatic brain injuries and a TIA,  I enjoy life and love listening and helping people.

I intend to volunteer for Headway for a long time and look forward to offering support to anyone who needs it”.