Meet Sue and John Kyle

19 May , 2020 News

Sue and John Kyle

Sue and John are members of the Hull and East Riding Committee. They are longstanding volunteers and have been involved with the group for several years.

Their help and dedication is vital to the support we offer as a group. They are heavily involved with our meetings, fundraising and improving our profile. They are dedicated to helping anyone who is dealing with the effects of a brain injury.

About Sue and John

Sue had severe epilepsy from a young age. It impacted her every day life so severely that she underwent brain surgery in 2007. The surgeons removed the front right temporal lobe to help manage her epilepsy and her persistent seizures. Unfortunately, the surgery left Sue with short-term memory problems, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

They found Headway after attending a local Epilepsy group and have never turned back.

Since joining Headway Sue and John have given out information and put up posters as well as spoken to member and guided them through their recovery.

Sue offers invaluable insight into the effects of brain injury and is happy to share her story. John is able to offer first hand experience of dealing with and caring for someone with a brain injury. As husband and wife their relationship adapted to the changes but they are now stronger than ever.

What Motivates Sue and John

Sue and John grew increasingly frustrated when asked what is Headway. They wanted to spread the word so every one knew who we were and the services and support we offered as a group. They made it their aim to make people aware of the charity and show how it helps those suffering with the effects of a brain injury.

They encourage people to attend meetings, fundraisers, donate and always offer a warm welcome to anyone that walks through the door.

In their words “we try to make all feel welcome and always have a good laugh”. Sue believes “you should laugh at adversity”.

They are both fantastic advocates.

Should wish to speak with either Sue or John please do not hesitate to contact us on 07395 571398.