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5 May , 2020 News

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WINTER QUIZ – answers

1.What is frostbite?

Frozen body tissue

2.When the weather is extremely cold and dry, snow is less likely to fall.


3.If you exhibit mental confusion, lack of co-ordination and slurred speech in cold weather, what are you suffering from?


4.Snowflakes usually have how many sides?


5.Snowblindness is caused by too much snow – there is no visible horizon and the person may become disorientated because of lack of shadows and depth.


6.What do Canadians use toboggans for?

Sliding down hills

7.Why is there often a lot more snow in regions surrounding large bodies of water, such as lakes?

There is more moisture in the air

8.What is a chinook?

A warm winter wind

9.Chionophobia is the abnormal fear of what?


10.What is windchill?

How the air temperature feels on the skin

11.How many countries have permanent all year research station in the Antartic?


12.Antartica is the only continent without?

A time zone

13.What percentage of Antartica is covered in ice?


14.In ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, how long has winter lasted?

100 years

15.The word ‘antartica’ literally translates to ‘no bears’.


16.Which of these is the aurora seen in Antartica regions?


17.What is the name of the snowman in ‘Frozen’?


18.What penguin species breed in Antartica?

All of the above

19.No two snowflakes are the same.


20.At one time February was the last month of the year.


21.February gets its name from the word Februa.  What language does this word come from?


22.What is the meaning of the word ‘Februa’?


23.Augustus Caesar took a day from February to make August the same length as July.


24.How often does February have 29 days?

Every 4 years

25.Was 1900 a leap year?