Remote Support Guidance

6 Apr , 2020 News

Remember even though we cannot hold our usual monthly meetings we are here to support you all in exactly the same way.

We are happy to call you for a chat, about anything. We can talk about any issues you may have, support you need, how you are coping, the weather or even what your having for lunch (you all know we love chocolate biscuits).

There are lots of ways we can communicate during the lockdown. We can call you, on your landline or your mobile, we can arrange a video meeting or contact you using Facebook or Whatsapp. There are so many ways to communicate please do not feel alone.

Isolation doesn’t have to mean isolated!

Here are some of the systems that we can use to keep in touch with you. Just contact a committee member and we can arrange a call, at a time that suits you. Please note, these platforms need devices that have speakers and microphones built-in, for example a smart phone or tablet.


Zoom is a video conferencing software that allows us to host sessions such as webchats and meetings. You simply download the app and dial in.


Skype allows us to use instant messaging or make audio/video calls to others.


Facebook is one of the most popular ways to connect and is used by many Headway other groups and branches. If there was enough demand we could set up a ‘Closed group’ so you can privately connect with our service users without the general public accessing this information. You can also use Facebook to video call others, either on a one-to-one or group basis.


Whatsapp is a mobile-based system that allows people to chat and send media to their phone contacts. You can also have video/audio calls, either on a one-to-one or group basis (up to four).