Health Unlocked

29 Mar , 2020 News


HealthUnlocked is a specialist online community tailored for people with a brain injury, their families and carers. This is a safe online environment to talk about all aspects of life with a brain injury.

You can use HealthUnlocked Forum-Headway-Brain Injury on Facebook to:

• Discuss: In the discussion forum, you can post a new question, reply to someone else’s question query or just read through the forum to find information that may help you.

• Share: Use the community’s blogging area to share your experiences of brain injury, and support others by commenting on their blogs.

• Engage: Help keep the community active by taking part in our polls, reading Headway’s blogs and commenting on other posts.

You can access the page using this link.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.