Working together to improve financial services for people with ABI

5 Jul , 2019 News

Headway UK are pleased to have been consulted on a research project run by think tank Demos and consumer protection charity Cifas. The report, Protected by Design: New Fraud Protections for People at Risk, was launched on 1 July 2019.

Speaking at the launch event, Headway’s Chief Executive Peter McCabe, said: “Finding more ways to support people with brain injuries to live independently, and helping families and carers to support them safely, is important.

“Managing money can be one area where effective support can make a big difference to people’s lives.

“It is important that providers of financial services realise the huge variations in people’s preferences and abilities after brain injury. No two brain injuries are the same but providing personalised financial services may help to address people’s individual needs. We are very keen to test how the recommendations from this project can work in practical terms.

“The complexities of brain injury make protecting vulnerable people from financial fraud a challenge. Effects such as impulsivity and a lack of insight are common, while the difficulties in defining mental capacity, particularly with fluctuating conditions such as brain injury where survivors are significantly affected by fatigue, are well known.

“We welcome the involvement of Cifas and Demos in addressing this important but complex issue.”

The report makes a series of recommendations which cover defining vulnerability, the development of protective products and services, identifying people who could benefit, and cross-sectoral working.

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