Headway Humber is here

20 Aug , 2018 Hull and East Riding News,North East Lincs News,North Lincs News,Yorkshire East Coast News

The new Headway Humber website

We’re excited to announce that the Headway Humber website is now live!

Our region is very fortunate to have four Headway branches within a relatively small area: Hull & East Riding, North Lincolnshire (Scunthorpe), North East Lincolnshire (Grimsby) and Yorkshire East Coast. Over the last couple of years, we have been exploring ways that we can work together to pool resources, share information and open up our events across the region. Headway Humber is the result.¬†Each branch will still retain its own identity and operate just as it does now, but through Headway Humber we’ll be able to work more closely together to bring you more opportunities.

Accessibility options for those with visual impairments

The Headway Humber website is now online at www.headwayhumber.org.uk.
It has been in development for several months, and we hope you like it! Over time, it will become a hub for news, support services and events  across the whole region, so you can access it wherever you are.


In the top right hand corner of every page you’ll see accessibility options. These make our website easier to read for those with vision problems. You can change the font size, make the website high contrast and more.

You can read news and discover services from across the region, or focus on your local area.

Never miss an event again with our powerful new events diary. You can search for events by date, type or location.

If you find an event that you’re interested in, click ‘add to my calendar’ – this will open up the calendar of your choice (iCalendar, Google Calendar etc) and fill in all the details for you. You can use your calendar to set a reminder.

You can also contact us through the website and find links to all the social media accounts for each branch.

We will also be revamping our newsletters over the next few weeks, and a separate announcement will follow about this.

We really hope you love the new website and all the information it has to offer. We’d love your feedback, and if you have any questions, please let us know.